Mardon Dance Studio
917 E. Cayuga Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(267) 231-7367
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The following classes are offered at Mardon Dance Studio. Classes start Saturday, September 16, 2017

Beginner Combination Dance: Tap & Ballet. An introduction to basic rhythms & body positions. Emphasis is placed on development of motor skills.

Combination Dance: Tap & Jazz. Classes to build on the basic skills learned from the Beginner Class.

Ballet: Exercise taught at the barre & dance combinations at center floor. Ballet is the basic of all forms of dance and prepares dancers for Pointe.

Pointe: Ballet done on toe shoes. At least 3 years of Ballet is necessary for Pointe.

Acrobatics: Strength & flexibility with basic acrobatic exercises.

Hip Hop: A combination class of isolations, basic break dancing, "pop & lock" and street dancing.

Adult Aerobic Exercise: A fun class of exercise & dance. It is low impact.

Adult Combination Dance: Beginner tap & jazz class for all adults who always wanted to dance. No prior dance experience necessary.

Lyrical: Expressive dance driven with emotion that combines ballet, jazz and modern movements.