Mardon Dance Studio
917 E. Cayuga Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(267) 231-7367
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Trophy Dedications

Mardon Dance Studio has 3 special heroes whom we honor each year at the recital. Leo Donohue is the founder of Mardon Dance Studio. He became ill many years ago and died in 1994. Due to his wife's dedication to his legacy...Mardon has continued and flourished. Leo was a teacher at Northeast Catholic High School and he believed in giving his students a well-rounded education. The dance studio is an avenue though which all the students can expand and share their artistic ability. The 15th recital trophy is in Leo's honor.

Our second hero is Denise Brady. She was our former ballet instructor. Denise battled cancer for less than a year when she was taken from us. For years, her daughter Tracy continued to perform for us. She has instructed many of our former and present students. Her talents were shared and many people have been influenced by her and her choreography. The 10th recital trophy is dedicated to her.

Our final hero is Monica DeLuca. Monica was a senior at Little Flower when she died and a Mardon student for over 10 years. She is also my cousin. I personally saw all of her struggles as she battled cancer from august of 1994 till February 14, 1997. Besides her bald head, you would never know she was sick. She held her head higher than anyone I ever knew. She was loyal to her family, friends, school and Mardon. Our 5th recital trophy is dedicated to her.

Mardon is privileged to have known these 3 individuals. We only regret that some people never had the honor to meet them.